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When You Begin Couponing

So… you’ve decided to start couponing?  Awesome!  Welcome to the hidden world of coupon clipping.   As you begin this adventure, having realistic expectations of what the coming months are going to bring can be helpful.  For instance, do you expect to collect a couple week’s worth of coupons, hit the stores and walk out with a cartful […]

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March Coupon Sense Challenge

Coupon Sense March Challenge!

I cannot believe that February is over already! How did you do with your February Challenge? Did you notice the items on our list on sale at your local stores? I sure did. I was able to stock up on canned food as well breakfast foods for my family. Welcome to March – otherwise known […]


Can You Save Money With Apps?

There is a growing trend right now with Smartphone Apps that can save you money. Each one is just a little bit different, but if you have a smart phone and want to save money, they can help. As with all things though, these should help to save money, not complicate your life. Here are […]

Watch your receipts #couponsense

Watch Your Receipts!

Mispricing at the register can quickly affect a grocery bill. Especially for couponers! Generally a couponer will buy multiples so when a pricing error occurs, it will effect all of the items.  Those errors can really add up! Cash register mispricing usually happens because the database in the register is not keeping pace or in […]


Become a Target Cartwheel Pro in 4 Steps!

The other night I was at my local Target and I saw a mom looking at some things trying to decide which one to get her son. I spoke to her and said, “You know, if you have the Target Cartwheel App, those are all 40% off.” She looked at me like I was just […]

Off Season Bargain Hunter #couponsense

Off Season Bargain Hunter!

Do you know how to shop “off season”? Shopping off season means that you stock up on items when they are sold out of season at a discount. It might take some adjustment on your part, along with some creative storage ideas, but shopping this way can save you a lot of money! There is […]

Coupon Sense February Challenge

Coupon Sense February Challenge!

Today is the last day of January. How did you do on the January Challenge? To refresh your memory, during January our goal was to obtain extra water in case of emergency, set up your My Alerts and stock up on items that were on sale. Were you aware that February is National Canned Food Month? […]

Coupons Are A Small Part of The Savings Equation #couponsense

Coupons Are A Small Part of The Savings Equation

I spent some time on the phone recently with a recent member to Coupon Sense. He had some interesting questions and comments. One of them really caught my attention.  When I asked about his level of savings, he said that he had saved 47% this month. This included a total of only $20 in savings from coupons. […]

How to Save Cash #couponsense

How to Save Cash for an Emergency Fund or Pay Off Bills!

With a new year well underway, saving money seems to be on everyone’s mind. Well…at least mine.  So how do you save cash for an emergency fund or to pay off bills? While there are several ideas floating around on the internet and pinterest, the biggest thing I have learned is you have to plan and a […]

Menu Planning is a Pain! #couponsense

Menu Planning is a Pain!

Not long after I started using Coupon Sense, I was so excited because I was saving about 50% off my previous grocery bill!  However I  had different plans for how good my savings were going to be.  I was so impressed by what others were saving, I had “savings envy.” I wanted to save even […]

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Join the Coupon Sense January Challenge!

Did you know that January is one of the biggest months for coupons? Everyone seems to be more in a “savings” frame of mind. I know that I am! This year, we want to help you get a three month supply of food just in case something happens.  Examples of what may happen include a […]

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