What Are Clipless Coupons?

What are Clipless Coupons?

Clipless Coupons are coupons that you can add to your shoppers loyalty card. Currently the two biggest store chains that use Clipless Coupons are Kroger & Affiliates and Safeway & Affiliates. They are also known as eCoupons.

There are a few things to keep in mind with Clipless Coupons.

1) Clipless Coupons are always redeemed at face value – even if your store multiplies coupons.

2) It is only good one time, and for one item.

3) Clipless Coupons are manufacturer coupons.

This means if you see a Clipless Coupon come off and you have a paper manufacturer coupon for the same item it known as double dipping. You are only allowed a paper coupon OR an eCoupon.

In the My Shopping List database, we have distinguished Clipless Coupons by the letters CL in front of the number. Here is an example:

You will need to register your shoppers card with the site before you can load coupons to it. It does take about an hour for them to load and then when you swipe your card they should come off. If they do not, contact the company and let them know. Most of the companies will ask for a little information from you and then will credit your card for that amount. So the next time you swipe your card it will take the amount of the coupon off of your total bill.