Throwing Coupon Inserts Away

Need HelpHow do I know when to throw my coupon inserts away?

There are several ways to know when to throw your coupons away.

1. In the weekly newsletter – the “Weekly Coupon Assignments” will list the inserts available in the newspapers that week. In addition, the expiration date of that insert is listed.

2. We also have a Google Doc that lists all of the coupon inserts, their numbers and when they expire.  There are two tabs “Active Coupons” and “Expired Coupons.”  To view those inserts that have expired already, simply click on that tab.

3. At the end of each quarter, we will post in the newsletter which inserts have expired.

If you would like to locate the expired date on your own, the best way to do this is to follow the chart below:

1) In My Shopping List, click on the All Coupons Tab.
2) Click on a specific insert.
3) Sort by Coupon Expires.
4) Go to the last date and write that date on your coupon inserts.  That way you know when the last coupon will expire. 

Expired Inserts