Home Depot: Christmas Light Exchange 2013, Trade Old Lights for Up to $5 off New Lights

Gather up your old strings of incandescent Christmas lights–whether or not they still work– and head to your nearest Home Depot store to trade them in. Dump them in the Christmas light recycling box, and pick up your coupon for money off the purchase of new, energy efficient LED Christmas lights.

This year, it’s from November 7th- November 17th.  Take your used or broken Christmas lights with you to Home Depot to trade them in for these great discounts:

  • $3 off Home Accent Holiday LED Lights
  • $4 off Martha Stewart Living LED and GE LED Lights
  • $5 off Eco Smart LED and Lightshow Lights

This offer is only good on a single receipt in-store purchase of LED lights.  You’ll get 1 discount per recycled string (limit 5 per customer).

Via The Cent’s Able Shoppin