Trouble Printing 'Bricks' Coupons?

How to Make a Link to a Bricks Coupon Print With Any Browser

Bricks Internet Coupons can sometimes be tricky. Here we’veĀ providedĀ an inside look into troubleshooting this type of Internet coupon to print from your specific browser in 3 easy steps.

Step ONE

Look at the URL for the link you want to use

Step TWO

Change the two letters that are specific to the browser you are using

If you click a link and the page doesn’t load or the coupon doesn’t print, look at the URL to make sure it’s coded correctly for your browser. If it isn’t, simply take your cursor and click on the URL and arrow over to the place with the incorrect two letters and change them to the correct ones.


Print your coupon and enjoy the savings!

Try hitting the back button on your browser to print the coupon again, as there is usually a print limit of 2 per coupon.