Creating Your Shopping List

The basics on “Your Shopping List”

The Shopping List is the secret to staying organized and to getting the most of your Coupon Sense membership. It’s the part of our site where you customize the data so you won’t have to wade through piles of information for food and products you’ll never buy. You’ll simply select the items you need, add them to your customized list and print.

  • Search for the exact items you need to find what stores are offering sales on those items and what manufacturers coupons are available.
  • Sort the CouponSense data by nearly any filter you see fit, including:
    *By store
    *By price
    *By category (dairy, meat, etc)
    *By sale expiration date
    *By coupon expiration date
  • Comparison shop the stores in your area to find lowest price on any given item
  • Ad match. Discover if stores in your area will match competitor coupons and add this information to create and print your ad match list.

I’ve clicked on “Create Shopping List.” Now what?

If you find a great deal that you want to add to your shopping list, simply click on it, fill in the quantity that you want to buy, and then click OK. The item will now appear in My Shopping List window (the lower window) and will have turned red in your Shopping window (the upper window). We make it red so you will know you don’t need to add it to your list when you re-sort and come across the great deal again.

To make sure that you never miss a great buy, we’ve sorted the deals by price from lowest to highest so that the FREE and CHEAP items are at the very top of the list. No shopping list would be complete without the ability to comparison shop. That’s why we recommend clicking on the Category column once you’ve added all the items to your list. This way you’ll be able to see – at a glance – who has the best deals each week per item.

Why we love the Coupon Sense Shopping Lists.

First of all, it’s totally customized to fit your life! You’ll know what’s on sale at all your local stores, whether you have a coupon for it and what your final price for each item will be after any discounts.

The best benefit of building and customizing your Shopping List with Coupon Sense is that it enables you to stay within your budget. We don’t treat budget as a dirty word. Instead, we help you embrace it! With Coupon Sense, you’ll know how much money you intend to spend and how much you’ll save – before you even leave the house.

Adding items to your shopping list that are not on sale and therefore, not in the Shopping List is easy. Simply click on “Shopping List Notes” and type in the additional items or errands you’d like to include and they’ll print out with your completed Shopping List.

We have also created a button that makes using any Ad Match program easier than ever. When you click the “Print Ad Match Labels” button (located at the bottom of My Shopping List), the program will bring up your shopping list, along with a description of where the sale items are listed in the store ad. This way you can let the cashier know what page the item is on and where on the page she can find it.

Here’s a description of the column headers from left to right:

  • Cpn#- If a sale item has a matching coupon in the database, that coupon number will be displayed here. If you need more information on a specific coupon, click on the coupon number and an informational box will display additional details. If you see an “IC” followed by a number in this column, this denotes an Internet Coupon, click on it to go straight to the website where the coupon is available.
  • Best Clip – A red star in this column means the price displayed is a good price for this item at this particular store. Please keep in mind “Best Clips” are subjective; one person’s great deal may not be relevant to you.
  • Ad – This denotes where the sale information can be found.
  • W – Weekly ad
  • M – Monthly ad
  • S – Special ad, meaning not found in the regular Weekly or Monthly ad
  • C – Coupon Insert
  • F - This is not a store ad; this represents a FREE coupon
  • Y – This is not a store ad; CouponSense often learns about unadvertised specials. We denote them with the letter Y, which stands for Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV).
  • Description - Includes all the information listed in the ad for a sale item such as a general description of what the item is, the brand, sizes, varieties and promotional information.
  • The next three columns, Price, Cpn and Sale have to do with the price of the item in question. The Price column reflects the final price for one item after any coupon deductions and the Cpn column lists the value of the coupon (if there is one) and the Sale column lists the advertised price (if there is one).
  • Min– Outlines the minimum number of items required to make the coupon valid.
  • Ad Expires – Indicates the timeframe in which the sale is available
  • Cpn Expires – Specifies how much longer the coupon will be valid
  • Category – Indicates which aisle in the store the item can be found.
  • Store – Denotes the store advertising the sale item