How Does It Work?

How does it work?

Coupon Sense members save an average of 50-70% off their grocery bills and rarely pay full price for the items they use most. That’s because they know when, where and how to best use coupons.

When: Once a coupon is issued, save it until that specific item goes on sale. We’ll tell you when items are on sale, so you can save between 75-90% off the regular retail price.

Where: When possible, redeem the coupon at a store that doubles or triples the coupon’s face value. These perks vary from store to store; simply ask your clerk if they multiply coupons and, if so, what days the extra deals are available.

How: Get multiple sets of coupons. Why get just one tube of toothpaste, when it is free? With multiple coupons, you could get three free tubes of toothpaste and stock up on this often used item for even greater savings.

Lastly, even though our site offers information on online coupons, newspapers are still the best source of coupons. And remember, coupon manufacturers pay to have their inserts included in the newspapers, so those with the highest circulation have the most – and best – coupons.