Organizing Your Coupons

Organizing Your Coupons

There are many different ways to organize and collate your coupons. How you do it is up to you – however, here’s the method we prefer.

Here’s what you need -

  • 26 tabbed hanging file folders (letter size, 8.5 x 11); labeled A-Z
  • A portable box or filing bin

Here’s how the filing system works -

Coupon Sense assigns each week of the year with a letter, which is why we have you label the folders with the letters of the alphabet. The first Sunday in January is Week A. The second Sunday in January is Week B, the third Sunday in January is Week C and so on.

On the first Sunday in January, all of the coupon inserts that came in our Newspaper are dropped into the hanging file folder marked A. On the second Sunday in January all of the inserts are dropped into the hanging file folder marked B.

We will cycle through the folders twice a year, so after week Z, be sure to start back with the folder labeled A.

Don’t worry if you’re not joining the program on January 1. Click to view the Newsetter on the login page and scroll down to the Weekly Coupon Assignments to find the coupon assignments for the previous weeks.


To help you label your folders and keep track of your weeks, we’ve created this printable color document with TABS and a CALENDAR just for you!

If you prefer, here is a black & white version of the printable.

Managing Expired Coupons

Since we cycle through the alphabet twice a year, you may have unused and expired coupons left in the folder labeled A when it’s time to use that folder again. Simply recycle the expired coupons and drop the new inserts in their place. It’s easy to catch coupons before they expire. Simply select “Cpn Exp” column in your shopping list to re-sort your list by expiration date.

More questions about our filing system? Contact Us