Benefits of Coupon Sense

Save Money.


Savvy shoppers know the best time to redeem a coupon is when an item is on sale. It's even better to redeem a coupon at a store that doubles or triples its value. For the ultimate savings, smart shoppers accumulate multiple coupons and buy in bulk. The easiest way to find all this information and more is to join Coupon Sense. We've created a simple step-by-step plan to reshape the grocery experience and help you shop like a pro. Our members save an average of 50-70% off their grocery bills, which amounts to hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars over the course of a year. Just think of what you could accomplish with all that extra money in your pocket.

Save Time.


Coupon clipping and grocery shopping can take hours out of your week. That's time you could be spending with your family or crossing a few more items off your to do list. Coupon Sense makes shopping quicker and easier by doing the legwork and research for you. Twice a week, we provide easy-to-read lists that match the lowest-priced products at your supermarket and drug stores like CVS, Walgreens and Target with manufacturer coupons and weekly specials. We outline where the best deals are and when to take advantage of them, so you can turn your attention to more pressing decisions - like what to do with the extra time on your hands.

Stay Organized.

Dinner Plate

Overspending at the grocery store is often a result of poor planning. But with a membership to Coupon Sense, you can reduce both the time and money you spend grocery shopping. Coupon Sense decodes the weekly and monthly coupon packets and compiles that data into one easy-to-use site. We keep you up to date on the biggest deals and the policies for each store, so you can shop when you'll reap the biggest rewards. With customized printable checklists and personalized alerts, you'll know exactly where to buy what you need - so you can get in, out and on your way faster than ever before.

Stay on Budget.


Coupon Sense offers a host of ways to save money and stick to your budget. We'll show you how to maximize your dollar with the quickest ways to comparison shop, the simplest tricks to get more for less and the best times to stock up on non-perishable food items and household goods. You can get advice from our experts and chat with other members on our message boards to find the latest information on deals in your area. With this helpful info, you'll know exactly how much you're going to spend before you get to the store - so there will be no surprises when it's time to swipe your card. And you can easily track your spending to see how weekly savings can add up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Now that's money in the bank.