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Celina H. - Arizona

My savings have already exceeded $300!!

Coupon Sense has saved me hundreds of dollars in one month. I was absent for a while but I am soo glad that I am back. And not a moment too soon. We've just added a baby to our small family and C$ has been a lifesaver to say the least! In just one month my savings have already exceeded $300!! This is with diapers/formula that we've had to add to our grocery budget. I cannot say enough about C$. Thank you so much, you've made life at my house a little less stressful now. I cannot wait to spread the word and host my first friends and family are going to be shocked!

Heather H. - Florida

I love how it UPDATES so often

I have been couponing since mid August, but January is my first month with C$. It has truly saved me so much time since I dont have to look up so many different blogs and sites to find the great deals! :) I am a mother of 2 who does daycare and goes to school at night, so every extra minute counts! I love how it updates so often!

George F - Arizona

An average savings of $291.84

Have saved $6128.65 over the past 21 months. That is an average savings of $291.84 a month. We are a family of two with no children or pets so there are many catagories we do not use.

Julie B. - Utah

Coupon Sense, I owe many, many thanks to you! Thank you for creating such an awesome way to use coupons! I have to give credit to my mom for teaching me to use coupons, but you have taught me how to maximize them. You have truly been a blessing for me and my husband. It will be a year next month since we joined and we have saved so much thanks to you and your staff! I feel so blessed to be a part of the Coupon Sense family!

Coupon Sense has truly been a blessing for me and my husband