How Coupon Sense Works

My Shopping List

My Shopping List allows you to search for items you need by sorting the Coupon Sense data by category, price or store. Compare prices and create a customized shopping list in no time at all.

CS Mobile

Our mobile tool allows you the freedom to do everything on your phone or tablet that you can do with your home computer. At soccer practice, find out where milk is the cheapest or create your shopping list.

Price Match Walmart

Ad Match is a great tool for one stop shopping. Compare prices on avocados to zucchini and everything in between. When your list is complete, print it and take to Walmart. Get the lowest prices in your town at one place.

My Alerts

Save even more time by taking advantage of My Alerts. With this convenient feature, you simply enter the specific items you shop for, pick a target price or choose your favorite brands and Coupon Sense will email you when those selections go on sale.

Track My Savings

We’ve built proof into our system that Coupon Sense will save you money – track your savings and see how well it works for you.