1) We Enter Data

Coupon Sense enters all of the local store ads, manufacture coupons from inserts, in-store ad coupons, and internet coupons into our massive online database.


2) You Build a Shopping List

You build a shopping list in our online tool based on what you need, or what we show is on sale. You’ll always see the lowest prices available.

3) Save Like Crazy!

Cut any coupons you need (we’ll tell you which ones and where they are), then shop with confidence and cut down your grocery bill!

What else does Coupon Sense do?


Deal Alerts!

Want to know when certain items your family enjoys are on sale? Planning an upcoming meal? Let us know and CouponSense will alert you about any new deals.

Discounted Coupons!

We’ve struck a deal with your local newspaper that lets you get a bunch of subscriptions at an exclusive price.

Coupon Coaches!

If you’re new to couponing, or trying to maximize savings, our Coupon Coaches are always available to answer questions or guide you through anything couponing.

Start your free month trial and you’ll get access to absolutely everything – even a coupon coach.

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With minimal time on my part I have saved hundreds of dollars already in the few months I’ve been a member. The pantry is better stocked and I’m spending a lot less every week.

Jennifer W. - AZ

People can’t believe how little time I spend organizing my shopping and clipping coupons thanks to coupon sense.

Madelena B. - CA