Video: Simple ways to save when buying healthy foods

Posted on Friday 20th of January 2012

Eating healthy doesn’t have to cost a lot. It’s definitely easier to find coupons for popular items like chips and soda, but you have to look a little harder for healthy and organic products. The experts at Coupon Sense say coupon companies are recognizing that healthy and organic items are becoming more in demand and those […]

For Black Friday shopping, try these alternative strategies

Posted on Monday 21st of November 2011

If you’re like many of us, you plan to wake up early on Black Friday, Nov. 25, brave the crowds and hit the blowout sales. Make shopping easier with these strategies you may not have considered: Shop online instead of going to stores. You don’t have to wait in long lines to get the best […]

Video:’Great Grocery Race’ puts consumer team to test

Posted on Monday 21st of November 2011

KUSA – The rising cost of the Turkey Day dinner is why we sent out our Your Money Consumer Team to see who could find the best deal on the grocery list. Gregg Moss visited Safeway and King Soopers, Jenn Ryan went to Target and Walmart and Heidi McGuire went to area specialty food stores […]

Video: Your Inner Frugali$ta Holiday Shopping

Posted on Thursday 10th of November 2011

Laurie Meyers founder of Coupon Sense is the go-to expert in Phoenix right now for talking turkey about gift and grocery deals in Phoenix. She was featured on KPNX- NBC-Channel 12 in Phoenix November 10, 2011.,AAAABvZFMzE~,IXjx0MpOF0qHfTIEtR9waUv2PW09mbEY&bctid=1267606180001

Savvy Spender. Spend less to get more.

Posted on Tuesday 1st of November 2011

Despite the proliferation of digital savings sites such as Groupon, paper coupons are still out there en masse. So we consulted Jen Kugler—head of the Colorado branch of Coupon Sense, which offers 50- to 70-percent savings at major grocers and drugstores for a monthly membership fee of $15—for her tips on getting the best returns. […]

Not So Extreme Couponing Can Still Equal Huge Savings

Posted on Wednesday 7th of September 2011

The coupon trend lately leans toward extreme! From TLC’s Extreme Couponing show, to the woman in Arkansas being arrested for stealing coupons, it’s all about going big to get those big savings. Coupon use has increased dramatically the past few years, and with a spotlight on the huge savings, it is not surprising to find […]

Video: Menu Planning

Posted on Wednesday 24th of August 2011

Yvette Carroll – Menu Planning. How to plan a meal, then use coupons. By Natalie Rivers | Posted August 24, 2011

Extreme couponers clip budgets

Posted on Saturday 20th of August 2011

Families feeling the economic squeeze, especially with current back-to-school expenses, can gain dramatic relief through coupon clipping. (See link for full article) San Tan Sun News By Ann N. Videan | August 20, 2011

Pick a Poison, Drop a Dime, Save a Smidge

Posted on Friday 19th of August 2011

Extreme couponers save money, but the bulk of them are well on their way from TLC’s Extreme Couponing to A&E’s Hoarders—a massive fail in life, if not in reality TV. Normal consumers don’t buy 150 candy bars in one trip, go recycle-bin diving for coupons or delight in countless hours of calculating discounts because even […]

Video: Extreme couponing for the smart shopper

Posted on Wednesday 27th of July 2011

Laurie Meyers, coupon expert, shows us how to find deals while you shop. Emma Jade | July 27, 2011

Video: Web coupons seem like unbeatable deals, but what about the fine print?

Posted on Monday 18th of July 2011

They’re popping up all over the Internet and social media — daily deal sites promising big savings on food, fun and services. But are the deals really worth downloading? My advice, don’t get caught up in the excitement too quickly. Laurie Meyers, owner of Coupon Sense, says businesses want you say goodbye to your hard-earned […]

Phoenix chamber names Impact Awards finalists

Posted on Monday 28th of February 2011

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce has chosen 10 finalists for its 2011 Impact Awards, which recognize companies for outstanding achievement in community involvement, company culture, innovation, and response to adversity. A company also will be named Impact Business of the Year. Finalists are: Accurate Signs & Engraving Inc., Jim Mapstead;, Laurie Meyers; Entrust Bankcard, Nathan […]

Video: Coupon experts show you how to save big at the grocery store

Posted on Friday 4th of February 2011

3 On Your Side’s Carey Peña teamed up with two ‘coupon experts’ to show you how to save a lot of money on your next trip to the grocery store. Find out more. Carey Peña and 3OYS featured experts from Simple Changes in HOW  and WHEN we shop makes a HUGE impact on our Grocery […]

Video: Chandler company offers big grocery savings

Posted on Saturday 20th of November 2010

CHANDLER, AZ – At a time when money is tight for many Valley residents, a Chandler company is attracting more subscribers. Coupon Sense launched several years ago to offer “a one stop shop” for coupons. “People who normally wouldn’t use coupons are now starting to think twice,” said Mindy Villone, a long time user of […]

Video: Using coupons to get discounts on everyday items

Posted on Monday 15th of November 2010

Mindy Villone – Coupon tips to save you money. By Natalie Rivers | Posted November 15, 2010

Video: Stocking up during the holidays

Posted on Tuesday 2nd of November 2010

Coupon Sense’s Yvette Carroll tells us about stocking up during the holidays. Phoenix Channel 12 – AZ Midday Coupon Sense Yvette Carroll | November 2, 2010

Web Savvy Smart Shopping

Posted on Friday 22nd of October 2010

With the Thanksgiving right around the corner, a trip to the grocery store may be the most expensive part of the holiday season. Enter Chandler resident and shopping expert, Laurie Meyers, whose new website is designed to help you save (all year-round) on your grocery and shopping needs. Meyers has been committed to saving savy […]

Video: Back-to-school shopping tips from Coupon Sense

Posted on Tuesday 27th of July 2010

PHOENIX — Mindy Villone, a Coupon Sense instructor, shows Tess Rafols how you can save big bucks on back-to-school shopping on everything from supplies to snacks. By Catherine Holland | Posted July 27, 2010

Coupon Lady proves helpful

Posted on Wednesday 9th of June 2010

Today I opened my mail at work to find a little surprise from a Coupon Lady I recently shot a story with. She sent me coupons! My, my, it was such a sight, as someone who has been addicted to saving money at the grocery store, her class, along with her little surprise in the […]

Video: Coupon Sense segment May 9, 2010

Posted on Sunday 9th of May 2010

Coupon Sense segment – how to do it, and where to join. By Jeff Sabato | Posted May 13, 2010

What’s the big deal? Chandler woman’s website will tell you

Posted on Friday 19th of March 2010

Shoppers can peruse newspaper grocery ads and fliers from Walgreens and CVS, but who has time to compare all of the many items and prices? Chandler resident Lauri Myers has developed a Web site that automatically compares prices. She enters the prices into a database, which then spits out the best deal for the site’s subscribers. […]

Video: 8 things every shopper should know to save BIG on groceries

Posted on Tuesday 16th of February 2010

These days, it seems everyone wants to save money and after saving nearly $10,000 last year on her grocery bills, Coupon Sense manager Jennifer Clarke says using coupons is a great way to do that! Clarke understands some people are intimidated by the idea of using coupons when grocery shopping and has also heard many excuses […]

Flag’s coupon queen

Posted on Sunday 31st of January 2010

On Thursday afternoon, Jennie Runge of Flagstaff left Fry’s grocery store with $168 worth of groceries. Through a complex strategy of in-store promotions, weekly sales and several layers of coupons, the mother of five paid less than $32 for a shopping cart full of purchases. Last year, the shopping guru said she spent $1,631 on […]

Grocery shopping on a budget

Posted on Tuesday 8th of December 2009

In this economy, it’s important to stretch every dollar. If you have more time than money, you can save considerably on your grocery bill. Start by glancing over the grocery store periodicals. Look specifically for one or two remarkable deals on meat and dairy products, plan on stocking up.  With this information in mind, you’ll […]

Cereal crunch: Keep bowls (and your wallet) full

Posted on Monday 28th of July 2008

Despite prices topping $5 a box, cereal seems irreplaceable for hectic mornings and finicky eaters. Still, American families are changing their cereal-buying habits as the price of the morning staple has increased 13 percent from last year. “We have changed brands and kinds” of cereal, said Phoenix mother Michelle McKay, 40. “The name-brand, sugary (and) […]

Colorado Shoppers Can Now Enjoy Huge Discounts on Groceries with Coupon Sense

Posted on Wednesday 25th of June 2008

DENVER, Colo. — Coupon Sense, based in Chandler, AZ, is celebrating their tenth anniversary. And to celebrate, they have decided to expand into Colorado where now even more people can take advantage of their savings program and enjoy from 50 to 70 percent off on their grocery bill. “People have fixed expenses for their car […]

Site helps shoppers find grocery deals

Posted on Saturday 21st of June 2008

Laurie Meyers is a self-professed “couponer,” and proud of it. So proud, in fact, that in 1998 she started Coupon Sense, an Internet business she says can save subscribers hundreds of dollars in monthly grocery bills. What started as a way for Meyers and her friends to save money has grown into a business that serves […]

Chandler Mom Shares Coupon Strategy

Posted on Monday 9th of June 2008

At a Bashas’ store in south Chandler, Laurie Meyers is walking away with $50 worth of groceries for $13.57. This mother of three teenagers knows how to shop for a deal. She’s saved nearly $40 this trip, picking up lunchmeat for 49 cents, a jar of garlic seasoning for 12 cents, and six boxes of […]

Practice makes Coupon Sense

Posted on Thursday 10th of February 2005

Gilbert mom uses database to grocery shop. Nina Brannock knows the secrets of free milk and mustard and cheap peanut butter and bread. Armed with a binder and a coupon-organizing box, the Gilbert resident emerges from her Bashas’ with about $40 worth of groceries. Her bill? $8.08. It’s all in the coupons. Coupon Sense, actually. […]