Using coupons just got really easy.

Our online software takes the busy-work out of couponing, so it’s easier than ever to save a ton of money for your family.

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Couponing for BUSY families.

Saving money on groceries used to mean spending a lot of time browsing ads, blogs, and coupon inserts.

With CouponSense, we’ve done all of that for you.

We enter all the weekly sales in our customizable shopping list and match them up with all the available coupons to maximize your savings.


Couponing for your BUDGET.

Over 3,000 Coupon Sense members are saving an average of 50-70% on their groceries.

That’s a lot of money they can now budget for other things.

(Plus they get to enjoy some items they normally wouldn’t fit into their budgets.)


Couponing for YOU.

Saving money doesn’t mean buying a bunch of junk you don’t want, and couponing doesn’t need to be “extreme.”

CouponSense is designed to fit your family’s shopping. You can even set up deal alerts for items you love the most.

Before you know it, your pantry will start filling up with your favorite items.


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I love Coupon Sense! I’m a working mom, I have two children, and I don’t have time to browse ads and coupons. Coupon Sense does all of that for me. I can just sit down and it’s all right there.

Davina - Mesa, AZ

Member Since 2009

My husband really appreciates the money we save. We use that money for vacations, the movies, and activities the kids are involved in.

Jennifer Flarity

Member Since 2011

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Over 3,000 Families are thriving with

Coupon Sense!

With minimal time on my part I have saved hundreds of dollars already in the few months I’ve been a member. The pantry is better stocked and I’m spending a lot less every week.

Jennifer W. – AZ

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Secrets to Couponing

Intentional Shopping

Most people shop each week for the items they need just for that week alone. Savvy shoppers however are intentional about their grocery shopping and use the stockpile approach.

If you can get a product – especially items like canned food, cleaning supplies and household goods – at a rock bottom price, stock up! This way, you save time and money, and never run out of items which could result in you having to pay full price.

Multiple Coupons

A fundamental piece of stockpile shopping is to get multiple coupons. Why get just one tube of toothpaste, when it is free? With multiple coupons, you could get three free tubes of toothpaste.  

Plan on buying a few newspapers each Sunday or ask friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members if they mind giving you the coupon inserts they don’t use. 

Wait for Sales

Hold your coupon until the item it represents goes on sale at a deep discount. The secret to saving big and getting items for free or nearly free is to use coupons only on items that have been deeply discounted. 

For example, if you have a coupon for Ragu spaghetti sauce that gives you a $1 discount, you could use that coupon on a regular priced jar at $2.79. But if you waited until the item is on sale for $1 a jar, your final price is zero. And, if you had six of the same coupons and you waited for the sale, you could get six jars of Ragu for free.  So how do you know when something goes on sale that you have a coupon for….Coupon Sense!